Our buying team works hard every day to buy the freshest products, at the best time, in the right quantities, and of course, at a competitive price. Our farmers and vendors are our partners. We have a deep respect for farming and understand the importance of partnering with our most valued farmers and vendors. It is our job to work as a team to ensure that we do our part to maintain the quality all the way to our customers.
AT&T - Appearance, Taste and Texture

We feel that there are 3 major components to top quality: Appearance, Taste, and Texture. Most customers naturally buy with their eyes. However, there’s more than meets the eye and taste and texture are ultimately required for full satisfaction.

Appearance - In most cases, the outside appearance of a product does not ensure the quality inside. Various issues, most notably, the weather will affect the outside appearance. Rain, sun, and wind all affect the outer appearance of fruits and vegetables.

Taste - The trick about all produce items, other than bananas, is that 100% of the flavor is provided by mother nature. Meaning, as soon as the product is picked, the flavor is at it’s maximum level. The flavor comes from soil, water and the sun. The goal is to buy fruits and vegetables that have been picked at the right time and then to distribute them to the customers as soon as possible.

Texture - Weather will also affect the texture of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the way the product is handled from field to store will have a direct affect on the product.

Because Appearance, Taste, and Texture all directly affect top quality produce, our buyers and quality control team concentrate on all three components.

Cold Chain
From field to store, maintaining the cold chain is crucial for all produce items. The OK produce team monitors every stage for temperature control, ensuring that we provide the highest quality products. This starts right in the fields and our buyers work directly with domestic and international farmers to bring the best products to market. We follow the sun and promote items in their peak seasons. Once the product is harvested and pre-cooled, It’s loaded on a cold truck and head towards Fresno! Upon arrival, we unload the product onto our cold receiving dock for another OK Quality Check, examining the produce’s appearance, texture and flavor. If the products meet our standards, we place them in five separate cold temperature rooms. Once sold, our shippers palletize the orders, double-check them on our cold shipping dock and load them into a cold tractor-trailer for delivery.
Food Safety

OK Produce maintains a strict food safety and sanitation program. Our third party Food Safety and Sanitation program is administered by Silliker. www.silliker.com

Over the past few years, the produce industry has encountered a number of food safety scares. Because many of our products are eaten raw, food safety is especially important to our industry. However, when we say ,"It’s OK!" we mean it's A-OK.

Our food safety starts again, with our growers. OK Produce purchases products from companies that maintain their own sanitation/food safety programs. In transportation, our entire fleet is cleaned on a daily basis and sanitized every Sunday. Our refrigeration units are on a comprehensive maintenance program to ensure the proper cold chain. Most importantly our receiving staff complete a detail receiving procedure including truck and product temperature and condition.

We have installed the Air-O-Care system in all of our cold storage rooms as well as on our receiving dock. Air-O-Care units use a unique and patented technology that is highly effective in cleaning and sanitizing air and surfaces without the use of chemicals. The equipment operates continuously to sanitize and protect the room in which it is installed. Through the removal of up to 99.9% of the germs, molds and contaminants in the room, Air-O-Care's equipment significantly reduces airborne and surface contamination and creates a fresher, cleaner environment. www.airocare.com

Ripening Program
OK Produce has the ability to control the entire ripening process of our bananas and avocados. This process offers a unique service to our customers as it assures them of receiving the freshest produce at every ripening stage at any time of the week and year. In 2006, we installed state of the art Thermal tech ripening rooms. These rooms as well as our team of 3 ripeners allow us to control our banana color and quality 365 days a year.

7 Stages
Repack Division
For over 50 years, OK Produce has had a repack division. The repack Team is named Matt’s Packing, after the owner, Matty Matoian. We started out hand packing potatoes. Today, our repack team concentrates on tomatoes. All of our tomatoes are hand sorted when needed for consistent color and quality.