The OK Way is based on three key concepts: Communication, Teamwork and a Positive Attitude. These concepts are how we live day to day and how we represent ourselves with our co-workers, our vendors and our customers. We communicate every day in every way in good times and in bad. We realize that we can only succeed as a team, caring and respecting each other in all departments.

They say that you can choose your attitude. That may be true, but at OK Produce, there is only one attitude we choose and that is a positive one.

Matty Matoian
Brady Matoian
Chad Matoian
 Director of Purchasing
Chris Castro
General Manager
Charlotte Showers
Rosie Lopez
Director of Human Resources
John Zimmerman
IT Supervisor


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Annual Awards
Mamo Tani Award
This award is given to the Driver of the Year.
Mamo Tani was one of the original drivers for OK Produce and was a member of our team for over 30 years. Our drivers are integral to our quality and service from the fields to our customers.

Charles Matoian Award
This award is given to the Manager of the Year.
Charles Matoian had a way with people. He respected his team and lived to see his company and his associates succeed. It has often been said that with Charlie Matoian, his associates respected him, his vendors respected him, his customers respected him and even his competitors respected him. Today our managers strive to build the same level of team work and pride upon which this company was founded by Charles Matoian in 1950.

Matty Matoian award
Matty Matoian started at OK Produce at age 12 fixing lettuce boxes. In 1979, when his father became suddenly ill, Matty put the company on his shoulders and lead the company into the future. This award is given to the associate who dedicates themselves to our team, to our vendors and to our customers in exemplary fashion.

Ray Nixon Award
This award is given to the Warehouseman of the Year.
Ray Nixon started in our warehouse and was a member of our team for over 40 years. Our warehousemen are responsible for receiving and shipping in a way that ensures our top quality standards.