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What is small, red and whispers? A hoarse raddish.

Circle with radial rays emanating from center. Cherries, radishes, and berries Horizontal grouping of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables Grouping of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables Grouping of watermelon, banana, strawberry, orange, and grapes People holding The Fresh Revolution flag

The Fresh Revolution

Abstract blue clouds, alternate shape Abstract white clouds, alternate shape Abstract blue clouds, three humps Abstract white clouds Abstract dark blue clouds, three humps

Produce for the People.


We believe fresh produce isn’t exclusive, and everyone should have access to the freshest fruits and vegetables. We call this the Fresh Revolution. Not only do we stand behind this belief, but we are literally delivering on it. We offer high-quality produce at affordable prices, and have formed valued partnerships with those who have the same passion, values and quality standards as we do.

Produce for the people, at prices for everyone!

The coolest trucks in the business.

OK-Produce-Give-Peas-A-Chance ok-produce-melon-truck ok-produce-salsa-truck ok-produce-melon-truck ok-produce-yams-truck

Join the Fresh Revolution.

Great partners come from great partnerships with people who have the same high
standards of service and extraordinary commitment to delivering a superior product.