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Flavor first.

Our satisfaction comes from knowing that someone is enjoying our great tasting and healthy produce every day. It takes a special understanding of when produce hits the peak of flavor in the field, and then properly caring for it to make sure the peak of flavor is maintained all the way to the supermarket.

The clock is ticking.


“Fresh” is like a stopwatch—it starts the moment produce is picked. From that moment, until it reaches the produce department at the local supermarket, it is under our watch. Timing and temperature are everything when it comes to delivering produce at its peak of freshness.

We’re on the clock.

The cold truth about delicious produce.

The only way to slow that clock, is to keep all products at their ideal temperature range from field to store. This is called the Cold Chain. To maintain the Cold Chain, our new facility is equipped with 7 distinct temperature zones designed to maintain product freshness.

Partners: The company we keep.

Over the years, we have worked with individual growers, family farms and local produce specialists who are exceptional at what they do. Together, we strive to provide the healthiest, freshest and most eco-friendly fruits and vegetables to our clients, all in the shortest amount of time possible.

So fresh. So clean. So smart.

OK Produce maintains a strict food safety and sanitation program, which is audited by a third party, and purchases products from companies that also maintain their own sanitation/food safety programs.

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Words to eat by.

We, and our partners, all play an integral role in providing consumers with fresh, affordable, high quality produce that will facilitate better eating habits, and ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle.

We can’t do it alone.

We have to cultivate strong relationships in order to cultivate strong change, which is why we only partner with the best. The best growers, the best buyers, and the best employees.

If you share the same passion, values, and quality standards as us, we invite you to join the Fresh Revolution!

Together, lettuce cultivate change!