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Services that never skip a beet.

At the center of it all is our state-of-the-art facility, perfectly positioned in the heart of the Central Valley. By design, our location is critical to distribution, speed, and maintaining the cold chain.

Our High-End Retail program focuses on Premium product grades ensuring you get the best of the best. We offer an assortment of over 2,000 unique items in a variety of pack sizes to meet all of our customers’ needs.

High End
High End

Our Value Driven Retail program strives to provide the highest quality products possible, but features products and grades that are more geared to price conscious customers. Our customers utilize our Weekend Fresh Buys to pass on the savings to create fun and exciting promotions for their shoppers.

Value Driven
Value Driven

We use our vast network of growers, packers and shippers from around the world to source the highest quality Ethnic and Specialty Retail items for you and your customers.

Ethnic &
Ethnic &
Specialty Retail

OK Produce offers a comprehensive assortment of fully packaged produce ideal for retailers participating in the WIC program, don’t have access to scales at store level, or just want a hassle-free produce department!



Organic, not exclusive.

Rooted in our strong belief that we must respect the Earth, OK Produce has built a comprehensive organic program. With the help of our partners, and over 400 items and growing, we are increasing access to organics for all families.

Very, very appeeling.

The OK Produce ripening team specializes in performing the optimal ripening process resulting in consistent color and delicious fruit. Our facility is equipped with state of the art Thermal Tech ripening rooms which provide the highest level of performance through the 5 day cycle.

At OK Produce, we manage a product’s temperature and timing through continuous monitoring. Because of this, we are able to better serve our customers and their preferences on color and taste, and achieve the optimal level of ripeness.

I love it when you call me big papaya.

OK Produce started ripening maradol papayas over 15 years ago by simply heating up a room and splashing water on the ground to create humidity.

Today we use much more sophisticated ripening rooms and a full time team. The ripening process is critical to providing the right yellow color and enhanced flavor that true papaya lovers expect and appreciate.

When the time is ripe.

OK Produce first ripened avocados and tomatoes over 40 years ago by using a portable floor heater in the buying office. Since then, OK Produce has built 4 Thermal Tech avocado ripening rooms and 4 tomato ripening rooms.

The benefits of ripening avocados and tomatoes are color, vigor, enhanced flavor and increased consumption by shoppers.

We believe so strongly in these benefits that we have a full time team who only specialize in tomatoes and avocados every day. Ripening tomatoes and avocados is a 7 day a week job and OK Produce is committed to delivering premium product to our customers.

Give your produce
department a fresh look.

We offer merchandising services and produce department design, including, schematic planning, resets and new/used equipment sales. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are informed in all areas of produce handling and presentation.

Over 20 merchandisers in all service territories
provide the following services:

  • Train new associates
  • Build and maintain schematics
  • Build displays
  • Event – Tent sales
  • Improve store execution
    and quality control
  • Communicate to ownership
    with suggestions for

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